41 – Breakfast with Graça Machel-Nelson Mandela

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Consultation on the Post-2015 MDGs with Mrs Graca Machel and distinguished guests

Graca Machel 7 Dec

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A dialogue on ending poverty and growing our world sustainably that would inform preparations for the post-2015 development was held as a breakfast discussion with Ms Graca Machel, Babatunde Osotimehin, Seth Berkley, and Awa Coll Seck, Minister of Health from Senegal.

Amina Mohammed, the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on post-2015 planning joined via phone and shared with the participants the process for informing the next development agenda.

Participants were encouraged to ask panellists questions and provide comments on inputing into the 2015 process.

Graca Machel spoke passionately about the need for the development agenda to end abject poverty, and to create building blocks that would lead to sustainable prosperity for all.

Mr Osotimehin added to this by calling to end poverty and constructing new architecture for global health, to include prevention as a key message.

Minister Coll Seck noted the importance of having healthy people, to drive any development agenda.

Seth Berkley added this by recognizing it was not an “either or” between health and development, but that “we need healthy people and a healthy planet – these goals are interlinked.” Working across sectors would be essential to gain the maximum benefit.

Beyond the role of health in a future framework, other questions included accountability and CSO participation.

Graca Machel summed up the meeting with a passionate plea for CSOs to provide suggestions and comments on their ideas for the future.

Recognizing that much progress had been made with a numbers focus on the current MDGs, she challenged that not as much progress had been made in changing institutions, the way we do things and the way we think.

She called on the audience to participate in the process, to write in suggestions about ways to improve the way we work together.

Minister Coll-seck added “If we don’t change our mindset, it will always be the responsibility of another group and not our own responsibility.”

4 million

GAVI's support for vaccines through to 2015 will contribute to averting close to an additional four million future deaths.

WHO Department of Immunisation, Vaccines and Biologicals’ estimates and projections, as of October 2012

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