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12 June 2012

GAVI Alliance Ethics Policy

GAVI Alliance Ethics Policy Version No.: 1.0 Page 1 /8 DOCUMENT ADMINISTRATION VERSION NUMBER APPROVAL PROCESS DATE 1.0 Prepared by: Debbie Adams, Managing Director, Law and Governance Reviewed by: GAVI Governance Committee 14 May 2012 Approved by: GAVI Alliance Board 12 June 2012 Effective from: 12 June 2012 Review: A

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01 January 2011

GAVI Alliance Graduation Policy

The GAVI Alliance graduation policy sets out the process and procedures for “graduation”, which outlines the transition from the time a country’s per capita income exceeds the GAVI eligibility threshold, and therefore the country is no longer eligible to apply for GAVI support, to the point that existing GAVI support ends.

01 January 2011

GAVI Alliance Country Eligibility Policy

The GAVI Alliance country eligibility policy sets out the eligibility criteria that GAVI uses to determine which countries can apply for support at a specific point in time. The policy further outlines the programme filters which determine the requirements for accessing support for certain vaccines.

01 December 2010

GAVI Alliance Revised Co-financing Policy

The GAVI Alliance co-financing policy’s objective is to put countries on a trajectory towards financial sustainability in order to prepare them for phasing out of GAVI support for new vaccines. It recognises that the time frame for attaining financial sustainability will vary across countries; therefore the intermediate objective of this policy is to enhance country ownership of vaccine financing.

17 June 2010

GAVI Alliance Document Retention Policy

This policy governs the preservation and, where applicable, permissible destruction of certain GAVI Alliance documents. It is intended to meet recognised practices and accounting standards for retention periods and to provide guidance on the circumstances which could require longer or indefinite periods of document preservation.

01 June 2010

GAVI Alliance Pilot Prioritisation Mechanism

This pilot mechanism aims to inform GAVI’s funding decisions in a resource constrained environment by enabling the ranking of country proposals recommended by the Independent Review Committee (“IRC”) for New Vaccine Support (“NVS”) and cash-based programmes and also informs the prioritisation of vaccines within GAVI’s portfolio.

01 January 2010

GAVI Alliance Vaccine Donation Policy

The GAVI Alliance vaccine donation policy governs GAVI’s position towards in-kind donations of vaccines, and other health products used in the delivery of vaccines (e.g. injection safety equipment, needles).

19 June 2009

GAVI’s Transparency & Accountability Policy: Q&A for GAVI-eligible countries

This document answers 19 frequently asked questions about GAVI's Transparency and Accountability Policy, including: why has GAVI introduced the new policy; what will the policy apply to; and what are the objectives of the financial management assessment, etc.

19 June 2009

GAVI’s Transparency & Accountability Policy: Q&A for GAVI-eligible countries (русский)

Политика ГАВИ в области транспарентности и подотчетности (ПТП) Вопросы и ответы для стран, имеющих право на получение помощи от ГАВИ 1. Вопрос: Почему ГАВИ приступил к реализации этой новой политики? Ответ: ГАВИ существенно увеличил объем прямой помощи правительствам развивающихся стран в форме наличных средств. ГАВИ р

01 June 2008

GAVI Alliance Transparency and Accountability Policy: Implementation Plan

The GAVI Secretariat has worked to develop an implementation plan for the approved Transparency and Accountability Policy (TAP), with extensive feedback from development partners and GAVI eligible countries. The implementation plan for the TAP is based on four core components: strengthened application, reporting and review procedures; the financial management assessment; the early warning systems; protocol to respond to misuse of GAVI funds.

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