GAVI's resource mobilisation process

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GAVI's resource mobilisation process includes the cultivation of key public and private donor relationships, empowerment of implementing countries, shaping of vaccine markets, and collaboration with civil society and other partners

Four pillars

The GAVI resource mobilisation process rests on four main pillars:

  1. reaching out to current and new public and private donors with a diversified portfolio of instruments (direct contributions and innovative finance);
  2. increasing ownership of implementing countries through co-financing;
  3. influencing market shaping through new market entrants and price reductions in vaccine manufacturing;
  4. mobilising the strong advocacy of civil society networks while involving a wide range of partners.

First replenishment cycle (2011-2015)

The first GAVI replenishment cycle (2011-2015) which concluded on June 13, 2011 in London, achieved a milestone by committing multi-year predictable funding to immunise a quarter of a billion children in developing countries by 2015 against some of the world’s deadliest diseases; and save at least four million lives.

US$ 4.3 billion was pledged bringing the total resources available to GAVI for 2011-2015 to US$ 7.6 billion.

GAVI is now accelerating the roll out of existing and new vaccines, reach more children in developing countries faster than planned and prepare and expand introduction of new vaccines.

The increase is timely as country applications for GAVI support in 2011 was received from 50 countries, more than double the previous record in 2007.

Mutual accountability meeting, 30 October 2013 in Stockholm

A mutual accountability meeting will take place on 30 October 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, to take stock of GAVI progress in immunisation and resource mobilisation since the London pledging conference

The first GAVI replenishment cycle was built around three key events:

Financing Country Demand - The Hague, March 2010

The Hague

A high level donor consultation meeting ”Financing Country Demand” in the Hague chaired by the Netherlands, in March 2010 highlighted immediate country demands and served as basis for framing the strategic objectives 2011-015.


Call for Action and Resources - New York, October 2010

Saving children’s lives - NY 2010

A “Call for Action and Resources” in New York chaired by the United States and Norway in October 2010 brought about a consensus on the compelling evidence of the cost effectiveness of immunisation as a means towards the MDGs.


Saving Children's Lives - London, June 2011

Saving children’s lives - London 2011

A “Saving Children’s Lives” pledging conference in London chaired by the UK government and co-hosted by the Republic of Liberia and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in June 2011.

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