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Please support GAVI’s efforts to prevent an estimated four million future deaths in poor countries by securing access to new vaccines 

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“GAVI’s support for immunisation is a cornerstone of health and development”

  • Each year, some 2.3 million children die unnecessarily of diseases that can be prevented with vaccines.
  • In the past decade, the GAVI Alliance has supported the poorest countries to vaccinate their children, and as a result 5.4 million deaths have been averted.

"If fully funded, GAVI’s 2010-2015 programme, which includes new vaccines against pneumococcal disease and rotavirus, could save 4.2 million more children’s lives from now to 2015."

  • The two biggest killers of children under the age of five in developing countries are pneumonia and diarrhoea. Together, they cause 40% of all childhood mortality.
  • New vaccines against pneumococcal disease, which is the leading cause of pneumonia, and rotavirus, which causes diarrhoea, could save millions of lives if we can immunise children in developing countries.
  • Immunisation against the major causes of pneumonia and diarrhoea will have a significant impact on the achievement of Millennium Development Goal 4 to reduce child mortality.

“GAVI needs an additional US$ 4.3 billion in donor contributions to fully fund its 2010-2015 programmes”

  • With full funding, GAVI can immunise more than 110 million children in 47 countries with pneumococcal vaccines, 60 million children in 41 countries with rotavirus vaccines and ensure the complete rollout of pentavalent vaccine.
  • If fully funded, GAVI would also like to expand its support to other life-saving vaccines, including against human papillomavirus (HPV) which is a leading cause of cervical cancer in women.
  • The Governments of the United States and Norway will co-host a high-level meeting of GAVI Alliance donors and partners in New York on 6 October. The "Call for Action and Resources" meeting will set the outline for a pledging meeting in 2011.

“Vaccines have a proven impact on people’s lives and communities”

  • Studies have shown that children who are immunised have improved cognitive abilities and do better in school.
  • A Harvard University study shows immunisation could provide economic returns of investment of as much as 18%, higher than most other development interventions.

“Immunisation will significantly advance the global community’s efforts to improve health”

  • Immunisation is one of public health’s “best-buys”: it saves healthcare costs in the long run.
  • Funding GAVI will move the international community closer to achieving the goals of the G8 leaders’ recent Muskoka Initiative aimed at improving maternal, newborn and child health.
  • According to a G8 report that gauges the effectiveness of donor contributions on improving maternal and child health, it is estimated that 100% of GAVI support benefits mothers and young children in developing countries and impacts directly on achieving MDGs 4 and 5 to reduce child mortality and improve women’s health.

“The GAVI Alliance is making a difference for a healthier world”

  • As a result of GAVI’s work, more than 250 million children have been immunised against life-threatening diseases and 5.4 million premature deaths have been prevented.
  • Over the past decade, GAVI has committed US$ 4 billion to funding country-led initiatives in immunisation. This has helped countries build strong delivery platforms for new and underused vaccines and other child and maternal health services.
  • By securing predictable financing and bundling demand for vaccines, GAVI has been able to shape vaccine markets to secure supplies and lower prices.
  • GAVI has led the development world with innovative financing mechanisms such as IFFIm and the Advance Market Commitment. 

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