• GAVI's mission

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  • Saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunisation in poor countries

  • GAVI's impact

    GAVI's impact feature

    "The GAVI model" has contributed to the immunisation of an additional 440 million children, averting approximately six million future deaths.

  • Looking ahead

    Looking ahead

    GAVI is increasing and strengthening immunisation coverage so children everywhere have a chance for a healthier future.

  • With GAVI Alliance support, developing countries are making important progress in introducing life-saving vaccines faster than ever before.  In his annual message, Board Chair Dagfinn Høybråten explains why immunisation is a matter of justice.

  • What we do

    What GAVI does

    From scientists & bankers to health officials & activists, GAVI partners share one goal: guarantee equal access to vaccines.

  • Why invest in GAVI?

    GAVI/2007/Katerine Brisebois/Ghana

    Why invest in GAVI? Impact. Compassion. Accountability. Right to health. Effectiveness. (I. C.A.R.E.)

  • What people say

    What people are saying

    The ground-breaking work of the GAVI Alliance and its partners in increasing access to immunisation is catching the public eye.

  • Origins of GAVI

    GAVI origins

    In the late nineties, the world's poorest children were receiving half the number of vaccines of their counterparts in developed countries.

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