Policy and Performance

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Designs, develops, monitors and evaluates GAVI's programme process

The Policy & Performance department leads the process of new programme development by ensuring the engagement of all GAVI partners and leveraging their technical expertise; evaluating trade-offs between programmes to make certain that all resources are used wisely; and working with other teams to keep the Boards and other decision making bodies fully informed. It does so via the following three defined areas of work:

Nina Schwalbe

Managing Director

Nina Schwalbe is a member of GAVI’s executive management team and leads the policy and performance team which includes monitoring and evaluation, policy, market shaping and performance management. Nina has spent nearly 25 years in international health. Nina holds degrees from Harvard and Columbia Universities, is member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was a faculty member at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

  • monitoring and evaluation of programs, policies and "GAVI impact";
  • leading the design, development and revision of policies;
  • leading the design and where appropriate, implementation of new initiatives.


The Policy & Performance department's current priorities include Pneumo and Rotavirus roll-out and implementation plans for new vaccines via the Accelerated Vaccine Introduction initiative (AVI); monitoring and evaluation; and market shaping.

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