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Office of GAVI's Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer

The Executive Office (EO) is the office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who leads the GAVI Alliance Secretariat and is a member of the GAVI Alliance Board, and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Deputy CEO), who is responsible for the operational and business development of the organisation.

Dr Seth Berkley, a medical doctor specialising in infectious disease epidemiology, became the CEO of the GAVI Alliance in August 2011.

Executive Office team

GAVI's CEO and Deputy CEO are supported by the Executive Office department who provide the following functions:

  • advising the CEO and the Deputy CEO;
  • managing, prioritising and effectively coordinating information and work flow between the EO and the rest of the Secretariat, including official communications; 
  • coordinating the external engagements and briefings of the Executives.

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As of the end of August, 64 out of the 67 co-financing countries had fulfilled their commitments for 2012.

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